Drop-in class rate is $15; click the button above to sign up for a class.
OR you can also just come on down and pay upon arrival.

Classes for Ladies ages 10 and up

Women’s Self Defense Class times: Monday & Wednesday 6:25 pm – 6:55 pm.

We offer a women’s self defense class as a stand alone or as an add on to a training package. With this class only being half an hour twice a week it should fit into most schedules. We will be focusing on repetition of effective techniques, which will help to reinforce these movements. Additionally, this will also get you in better shape which is just a bonus of the curriculum. The instructor is passionate and has been training in Moh Pai for over 10 years.  Furthermore, she has the guidance from her knowledgeable instructor who has been training in various arts for almost 20 years. 

-30 min classes

– no belts

– no uniforms

-Self defense for the real world

– fitness and fun included

women's self-defense

This class is for females ages 10 and up; it is important for all women to feel comfortable training. Some defenses should be tested on someone who is bigger and stronger for effectiveness. To that end, there will be classes where we have our students invite a male counter part to help further training. These may be during regular class times or as an added workshop on Fridays or Saturdays and will be announced well in advance. Resistance training is important and having a stronger person to test these techniques on is certainly helpful. Trial memberships offered for a limited time, click here for more details.