There are many reasons for individuals to learn to defend themselves and stalkers is just one of them. In this article we will be taking a deeper look into stalking. According to the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) in 2019, 1 in 6 women and 1 in 17 men have experienced stalking. Stalking is especially dangerous for women. First, let’s define stalking. Stalking is a pattern of behavior that may cause fear or concern; fear for the person who is the focus of the behavior. Dr Ronald M Holmes, who is a professor of criminology suggests 7 categories of stalkers. Because of these numbers Women need self-defense training to be able to protect themselves. This will help raise confidence and awareness of their surroundings.

Domestic violence in a relationship can lead to stalking.

Men show a cycle of abuse that can ultimately lead to homicide. Many of us are aware of domestic violence; 85% of domestic abuse is towards women. But are you aware that many relationships with abuse when ended result in one of the partners stalking the other. While women are more likely to stalk via the internet, men turn to physically stalking and do you know of how many stalkers murder their victims? Women need to be able to protect themselves if they become a victim of stalking.

“Women are killed by intimate partners — husbands, lovers, ex-husbands, or ex-lovers — more often than any other category of killer… Intimate partner homicides make up 40 to 50 percent of all murders of women in the United States (Source: National Institute of Justice,NIJ Journal.)”

Crime rates show that women need to be able to protect themselves effectively.

Huston’s crime index is 3 (Houston, TX Crime Rates and Statistics – NeighborhoodScout) and according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, 3 out of 4 women who were killed were stalked a year before they died.

Tacoma, which is much closer to home has a crime index of 2, (Tacoma Crime Rates and Statistics – NeighborhoodScout). That does not make me feel safe.

Women need self-defense to protect themselves in many ways and situations.     

Women need to be able to protect themselves in may situations. Considering the number of male murder offenders is 7 times the number of female murder offenders • Murder in the U.S.: number of offenders by gender 2019 | Statista, I would say that is a very good reason for women to need to be able to protect themselves. Women’s self-defense can teach you how to handle yourself in multiple situations. Defense is not necessarily being able to overcome your attacker, but to be able to get away from your attacker. Women need self-defense geared specifically for them to be able to handle themselves in a varying array of situations. These situations involve being grabbed from behind to intimidation tactics. Women’s self-defense classes can give you a fighting chance, but also gives you confidence and self-composure which can lessen the likely hood of an attack.