Warrior Ways (Words and Skills for Martial Virtue)

Warrior ways are paved with values. Reflected here are a few of these words and their Chinese character. Hence I see this as a list of words that every person should learn to cultivate within themselves.

Perseverance – 毅力 – Yìlì

Kindness – 好意 – Hauyi

Trust – 好意 – Xinren

Honor – 荣誉 – Róngyù

Respect – 尊重 – Zūnzhòng

Courage – 勇气 – Yǒngqì

Humility – 谦逊 – Qiānxùn

Wisdom – 智慧 – Zhìhuì

Virtue – 道德 – Daode

Loyalty – 忠诚 – Zhōngchéng

Thoughts On Training

First, a few notes on training the warriors way. Truly, training in anything takes time and energy. In fact it is important to remember that when building a house you must first have a strong foundation. Thus, it is true with most things achieved in life including training. Secondly, it is the strong foundation that we add knowledge to in order to grow and reach our highest potential. Therefore, we incorporate these values in our daily training. Our youth have a virtue of the month that we focus on along with the skills of a martial artist.

Lastly, we can cultivate our lives in the warrior ways fashion. This will help our relationships and goals to blossom before us and enrich our lives. For this reason we at Hidden Lake kung Fu try to pattern our own lives and training in the Warrior ways.

A tree has strong roots that spreads deep within the earth. That is how the tree can reach towards heaven.

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