moving to virtual training
moving to virtual training

There are definitely benefits to training in person that virtual training cannot compare to but, does that mean virtual training is not of value? I believe there is value in our moving to virtual training. We value self-correction, focus, concentration, determination, self-motivation, and self-discipline. These are all traits that are important to us as adults.  

Habits are Important

We may not be able to train in person at this time, but it is important to keep up the habit and keep motivated. This is true for adults, but also for our children. It helps to keep consistency and structure in our already chaotic lives. It also gives us something else to focus on which can be a stress relief. Moving to virtual training makes it easier to join class after a hectic day. Plus, you don’t even have to wear your uniform. Additionally, you can have other family members try a class. With the right attitude we can even have some fun.

Most of you have been training long enough that verbal reminders are sufficient to fix stances, strike, or blocks. Your children are already following these reminders as well. If you are new to training, you will have to focus more and learn theses cues. But that would be true in class as well. Training virtually will help children especially, to pay attention to details, focus better and show their determination to improve. These are skills that may be subtle but are important as we interact with people on all levels of socialization.

Socialization Through Virtual Training

Which brings me to socialization. We may not get to interact in person, but it is still important to have contact with others. I believe this is one of the main values of moving to virtual training at this time.  We all need to see smiling faces and focus on something other than what might be stressing us today.

After we can start to move about freely, I still think that virtual training will hold value. Value such as, convenience when traveling or due to circumstances beyond our control like your car breaking down. Imagine being able to join class even when life throws you a curve.

Posting Virtual Classes

We will be recording and posting the classes which is a huge part of practice and repetition. Part of the value of moving to virtual training is the flexibility to follow the class at your convenience. You can take the class or review the class again at a later time. Virtual training will help our staff and students in ways we won’t fully know until we have been able to explore and refine this new avenue of training. Happy Training and see you in class.