We have many students from different walks of life and I would like to introduce them to you with our student spotlight. I think it’s important to show these shining gems; especially during this difficult time. Let me start with Ms. Wolf.

Ms. Wolf
Student Spotlight for November is Ms. Wolf.

Ms. Wolf has been training with us since Feb 2019 and she comes to classes
quite diligently. I find it pretty amazing how she can walk to work in the
mornings, then walk home after a long day of work and yet still finds the time to come to class. I gotta say she has got to be a prime example of overcoming the digital age lifestyle; she gets out and is active as opposed to sitting down with electronics for comfort.

Dealing with personal and business struggles is not an easy feat and yet she
still keeps active even though she has physical limitations that cause pain on a regular basis. Despite all that she still maintains a sunny disposition and always keeps a smile on her face.

A Sunny Disposition

Within classes themselves she works hard and helps those that struggle whether its motivation or technique. Ms. Wolf adds a sense of enthusiasm and comfort when working with her on hard techniques as she is always very considerate of her partner and willing to help.

When seeing her learn a technique then REALLY understand that technique, she cranks up that enthusiasm and it is a sight to see (wouldn’t want to meet her in a dark alley HA). Truly she is a joy to work with and be partnered up with. An inspiration to students and encompasses what we value here at Hidden Lake Kung Fu.