Build good habits

Set good habits for your children and you set a life time foundation.

Have you ever noticed how older generations are very set in their ways and it is hard to get them to change? First of all, people will not change if they don’t want to and secondly, have you ever thought about how they got that way. If you start a habit in your 20’s and do it for 60 years, it becomes very ingrained and even trying to make a small change is exceedingly difficult. Imagine if you set good habits for your children at a young age; you are laying the groundwork for success.

Setting your child up for daily successes is easier than changing bad habits.

Our lives are based on habits that we have formed, some out of convenience and others out of desires. Yes, it is hard at first to set a habit; but it is even harder to change one after a long period of time. If you clean up after your child from the time they are 2 until they turn 10 and then expect them to start cleaning up after themselves, how is this fair to that child. They are just doing what they have been taught. Changing that habit can be difficult for both the child and the parent and can cause strife between the two.

Children thrive when their parents praise them.

It’s easy to create a new habit when it feels satisfying. When you praise your children, it makes them feel good. Just like adults, they will continue a behavior if it makes them feel good. Which makes it important to set good habits for your children early. 

Set good habits for your children and set a relationship foundation. 

A relationship based on praise and warmth will be more solid than one based in anger and frustration. Having a solid foundation for a good relationship will help when your child reaches those difficult phases. This will also carry on into adult hood when it becomes more of a friendship than a parent child relationship. I had a very strained relationship with my parents; it took years for my mother and I to enjoy being around one another. I much prefer how my children and I get along. I was glad that I set good habits for my children as they grew. Yes, we had issues when they were in their teens, but they knew I could be counted on and cared about them. This made a big difference in both our lives.

Young children thrive under a set schedule and set expectations; it makes their small world feel stable. This is the best time to set good habits for your children like cleaning up after themselves, good hygiene, and good interactions with others. It is much easier to guide your child in the right direction than to change habits that have already formed, so the earlier you start the easier it is to make these changes. That does not mean it’s too late to start if they are older, but it means more diligence and patience on both yours and the child’s part.

Love and affection can be it’s own reward and help set good habits for your children.

Set up a reward system rather than punishment and this will help to set those good habits faster. This will set good habits for your children that can last them a lifetime. Rewards do not have to be trinkets or toys; it can be fun games or activities with the family. Rewards are so much easier on both the parents and the child. This is a whole other topic that will have to wait for another day. Keep in mind, it is hard enough to raise children without adding extra strife and regrets. So, invest in your child and their future along with your own mental well-being.

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