New Years Resolutions

Every year as we get to the holiday season people start talking about their New Year’s resolutions for this year. A lot of times it is the same as what they had the previous year. When asked how that worked out the answer is not usually a positive one. I do not personally make these resolutions, instead I reassess and set my goals for the year. I guess you can say I do goals as my new year’s resolution.

The Problem with New Year’s resolutions

The problem with new year’s resolutions is the lack of a plan to achieve your desire. There is also no plan for when your momentum starts to wane. It is easy to say, I want to lose weight. But how do you go about that? Do you go to the gym for a month or two and then decide that is too hard? Or do you break it up into small achievable milestones to create momentum. That is the difference between a resolution and a goal.

A Goal vs. a New Year’s Resolution

With a goal you decide what your desire is, and it must be something that you can see yourself accomplishing. You then break it down into smaller attainable steps. Then you track your progress in a way that shows movement towards the ultimate desire. There should also be a plan for when motivation is lacking, or you hit a wall. You cannot think of every problem that will arise. You can, however, have a plan for how to keep your momentum going. This will help you achieve your goal.

Make it work for you!

It is easy to set a resolution but it is also easy to go about life and forget about them. If you really want to attain your desires it should be backed up with a plan. A resolution in my mind is assessing where you are at and reevaluating what still needs to be done. I think resolutions should be at the end of the year. It’s a time to look back at how you achieved your goal and let yourself feel good about your progress.

I have used the mindtools website in the past for a lot of useful life lessons. Check out their article on goal setting here:

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