Kung Fu/Gung fu/ or Gong Fu (A Definition)

Often, we here in the west use kung fu as a term for Chinese Martial Arts. (Source Wikipedia) (I liked this explanation). This term references any field of study, or practice that requires a lot of patience, energy and time to complete.

With this definition in mind we can easily say that people such as Anthony Bourdain or J.J. Abrams have great Kung Fu Skills. Specifically, because they have spent a lot of patience, time, and energy in their chosen fields.

Kung Fu in Popular Culture

We often see Bruce Lee, Jet Li, or Donnie Yen on screen. These individuals are seen as icons of kung fu masters for their generation. They helped to bring kung fu to the mainstream and develop that inner yearning of the warrior again. That Martial Code of the Warrior Ethos that exudes from the discipline and perseverance it took for them to achieve the level of skill they have achieved.

I know when I watch kung fu movies, I don’t only focus on the moves and fight scenes. I also see the culture where they often try to show the hero’s journey. For example, sometimes it is the good hearted bad guy who goes through a life changing journey. He ultimately becomes an Arhat or sacrifices himself. On the other hand we commonly we find the poor seeking revenge. Those who fights being subjected to being a monk then ultimately embraces training and become one of the best. There are so many stories but they all follow a similar premise (to a degree).

These movies call to the warrior inside of us to come out. That warrior ethos awakens us to pursue our own warrior calling. There are many aspects to the warrior within us, the body, mind, and spirit.

The Martial Code

The code of martial arts comes in many forms. Yet throughout all cultures it has its parallels, honor, respect, courage, and perseverance have been prized characteristics of warrior cultures throughout history worldwide. This martial code helps develop in us the strength and understanding to overcome any obstacle and to become the person our communities, families, and we as individuals need us to be, in this day and age.

Warriors Ways (Words and Skills for Martial Virtue)

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