Youth Basic Class

Unless a kid is very driven it is highly possible that your child might get bored or struggle with the information they are required to learn. Unfortunately, we can only do so much here in the school to combat this problem. The rest falls to you to help teach them responsibility, hard work, and dedication which will help your kids train at home.

Martial arts is one of those things that requires a lot of work and time to accomplish. Even if you are generally good at it practice and training help you to improve. This takes time, work and dedication which are some of those things we want our kids to learn. If they learn this when they are younger, they can develop into strong adults. In this article we are going to talk about how you, the parent, can help them on their way to succeeding in their martial arts program.

Help your kids train by understanding why they may not want to practice.

One thing I see, is kids just stop trying or their parents say they start fighting them on coming to class. These are both problems that need to be addressed so they don’t become a severe problem. First things first, if they stop trying, they might need encouragement or help with their training. We are always willing to help when they need it, just let us know. We can help to break it down for your child or give them specifics to practice. This will also help your kids train at home because we have helped them to break it down. We want students to understand techniques so they can practice more effectively at home. If your child starts fighting you about coming to classes or training at home, it’s imperative to understand why.

It could be that they don’t understand the technique, or it is too hard for their level. It could also be they are bored because they feel they already know it. In some cases, they may even that they are terrible at the technique. All these scenarios are things we need to understand in order to help your kids train at home.

Curriculum is based on age does this fit your child’s level.

We base our curriculum off of age and what that age group can accomplish. Sometimes it may be too hard for a particular child and this does happen but does not need to hinder your kids training. This is where I would say work with them and try to get them to where it is better and then move on to something else. If it is too hard let an instructor know so we can help break it down even further for your child. We rotate through curriculum so that each time a student can improve in some way. Just like with learning to tie shoes or write your name, repetition is one of the best ways to help your kids train.

This may be as simple as just running through their techniques with them once a day. Other times it’s about holding them accountable for their own training. I know it’s not easy being a parent, however, if we want our kids to get the most out of martial arts training it needs to become a part of their lives not just something they do 2 days a week.

Use milestones to help your kid train and keep improving.

Just like adults, kids need goals and to feel like they are achieving something. This is easy to accomplish and will make it easier for your kid to train on a regular basis. Set small goals that help them see the progress that they are making. This could be their next belt or writing down all the techniques that they have already learned. Our curriculum keeps the belt interval short to help them see progress and feel accomplished in their achievements. We also put notes on our webpage that you can review to see how they are progressing. Even just giving them praise after class on what they did well will help them see that they are improving. We all need a gentle reminder at times that we are learning which means we don’t know it and must practice.  

We don’t want our kids to suffer or go through hardships, but martial arts is a safe environment to help them through and teach them tools to manage themselves for those types of situations. Martial arts is one of few things that is safe and still gives us instant feedback. Oh, that block didn’t work so I got hit, well let me try a different block etc.

A lifelong endeavor in learning

For me and my kids as they grow, it is essential that they learn martial arts. Not only for the physical and self-defense aspect, but for the art of learning itself. Learning is a skill just like responsibility and hard work and is something to keep doing your whole life.  

The next time you hear your child complain about their martial arts think about what it is they have already gained and how it will improve their future.  

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