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Moh Pai’s Goals and Philosophy

Moh Pai’s goals are to learn how to deal with a variety of attacks that are commonplace. Moh Pai is a defensive art filled with adaptation drills and techniques. Adaptation drills are drills designed to help you adapt during a situation and strike at targets as they are presented. We believe that having the ability to adapt allows us freedom of movement when dealing with an opponent.  The overall goal of martial arts is health, longevity, and attaining peace in one’s life. Here at Hidden Lake Kung Fu we realize the importance of health, fitness, focus, and understanding of the art.

Discipline, Respect, Focus, Confidence, Self-defense, and Fitness in a safe environment.

Our style of Moh Pai, was created from western boxing mixed with traditional Chinese martial arts. We are a composite of the many arts that have influenced us, pulling from such arts as hung gar and choy li fut. Now you won’t see us move exactly like them, but you will see glimpses of it. Our Moh Pai style, in essence is an interpretation of the Shaolin five animals of Tiger, Leopard/panther, snake, crane, and dragon which you see in many styles of martial arts.

Kung Fu Classifications

Within kung fu there are a couple basic classifications; right now, let’s talk about Internal and external classification. Internal has a focus on chi development and relaxed leverage. While external is very hard and develops dynamic tension and focuses on physical strength and agility.

Some masters say there is really no difference and that it boils down to when a student learns. For instance, many external styles incorporate qi gong into their training at more advanced stages while internal styles incorporate external training into the latter part of their training. With this in mind, we are hard/soft meaning that we incorporate qi gong early on with the external training. Going back to the five animals, another key point being, there are a lot of things the five animals can give us rather than wushu performances, where one becomes the animal they are trying to depict (which we do not do).

Our Style and the Five Animals

Our style of martial arts incorporates many different aspects but our main focus is on the five animals.

  • Tiger: Exercises to strengthen the bones.
  • Leopard: conditioning of the skin, tendons bone and muscle. exercises strength power and speed
  • Crane: exercises to strengthen sinews and vitality, and the crane stresses balance and fast foot movements.
  • Snake: cultivating internal power and striking at vulnerable points.
  • Dragon: Exercises to cultivate spirit, flexibility, and graceful movements. Flowing Spirit

Therefore, if you want to get off the couch and…

  • Get in better shape in an environment that keeps your mind engaged as well as your body.
  • Develop more tone and balance.
  • Learn life skills along with self-defense & self-discipline.
  • Increase self-confidence, mental and physical performance.

About our Instructors

Mr. Chase has trained in various martial arts throughout his life, has managed a successful martial arts studio for many years, and has guided large numbers of students through their martial arts journey.

Mrs. Dexheimer has trained with Mr. Chase for 8 years and enjoys working with students and is still learning and refining her skills along with new students.

Training Information

We offer private lessons as well as group classes for ages 4 to adult, so you can get the most out of your personal training.

See our schedule for class times.

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