I read an article many years ago in women’s magazine about self-doubt. I wish I could find that article again because it didn’t make sense at the time but recently, I could use the advice. Most of us, at times will doubt our abilities and women seem to be more prone to this than men. This doubt could be in our performance at work, school, as a parental figure or even as a mentor. Those with low self-esteem lack the confidence in themselves, while others that have many accomplishments may doubt themselves for minor reasons.

Self-doubt Can be Motivational in Small Doses.

Self-doubt on occasion is not a bad thing, it can help us to strive to be better. It can help to get you out of a rut or to change your situation or habits. It can also help you to look at other points of view. If you have self-doubts on occasion, and it is not crippling then congratulations you are normal. Sometimes we have reservations, but if you take a closer look there is probably a reason for these feelings. So, embrace the opportunity to investigate these feelings further. Try to get advice from someone you trust. It is when this self-doubt sits in the back of your mind and begins to undermine your self-worth and motivation that it can become a problem.

Don’t Let Doubt Cripple You

If you are struggling with self-doubt on a regular basis, then there may be a problem. Take a look at why you may be second guessing your abilities. Are you aiming for perfection? Do you feel you just can’t seem to get something right? It can be frustrating when you have come up against an obstacle and cannot seem to find a solution. This is a time when you may begin to have that self-doubt creep up on you. Don’t be discouraged and remind yourself that no one is perfect. We all make mistakes and need help at times. Celebrate the small wins that have helped you to progress. Take time and brainstorm options for overcoming your obstacles. Change how you view these roadblocks and think of obstacles as an opportunity for learning. Keep your thinking positive and tell yourself “I can do this.”

Fight self-doubt
Fight self-doubt

If your self-doubt has turned into feelings of worthlessness, then take action. Make a list of all your good qualities, or better yet, have someone else make a list. We don’t always see our good qualities, or we mistake them as a negative. Get a different outside perspective on how your co-workers, friends or loved ones view your quirks. We are our own worst enemy when it comes to viewing our ‘faults’. Keep that in mind when you find you are doubting yourself and with practice it will become habit.