COVID-19 Hidden Lake Kung Fu policies

First of all, we have implemented COVID-19 school policies to protect our students. These will help to ensure the safety of our students and limit the spread of this virus. We are continuing to transition and make changes to these policies. To enable students to transition back onto the mat from this quarantine lifestyle. Below are the guidelines all of us must follow inside the school for phase 2.

School Policies:


  • Classes continue to be shortened: for the 2nd phase, to ensure time for sanitation between classes.
  • Limited specialty classes: We have re-introduced some of our specialty classes. currently sparing, Kung Fu and PHS classes will be offered in limited amounts.
  • Marked spots on mat: each person will have a designated spot to train in.
  • Limited physical contact: we will limit drills that require contact and try to keep partners to house holds. We will endeavor to respect students wishes to not participate in drills.

School Responsibilities:

  • Entry and Bay doors open: With the weather changing we can not leave the bay door open as often. We will continue to leave the entry door open as temperatures permit.
  • Minimizing groups: we respect social distancing and will limit the number of people allowed in the building to 15 maximum.
  • Sanitization: All gear and school pads/gear must be sanitized after each use, along with high traffic surfaces.

Students & Parents Responsibilities:

  • Come in uniform: arrive in uniform so that we can lessen traffic in the bathroom.
  • Wash hands upon arrival: everyone must wash hands upon their arrival to the school. We will now be encouraging the use of sanitizer.
  • 3 open seats between people: for those sitting and watching class it is important to maintain social distancing.
  • Respect social distancing markers: We have put blue markers at coat rack, shoe area and bathroom please respect these and wait at designated markers.
  • Face masks: Most importantly, everyone must wear a mask in the building. Masks have been important for protecting ourselves against COVID-19.

If you are coughing or sneezing PLEASE stay at home.

Due to COVID-19 these school policies will be in effect for the duration of this pandemic. We will do our best to minimize exposure and keep our students safe.

See the Pierce County’s safe start site for more information regarding COVID-19 phase and what it means for you.

For specific information regarding fitness facilities click here.