It has been a few months since we moved into this school and It’s nice being here; there has been so much to do. We are still adding and fixing things, but it is starting to come together.

There will still be some changes coming, but overall the school is physically set up the way we want. We have the throwing dummy for students who need to work on their throws without a partner, there are wave masters and other training equipment that can be used for outside of class practice. We have a heavy bag we just need the time and a way to put it in and we will be adding some new equipment over time.

During business hours when there are no classes students are welcome to come use the mat to practice. There are times during classes that you can use the mat as well but it has to be approved by an instructor.

We are also offering private lessons in order to help students that would like time with an instructor to go over questions or techniques.

I want a place where students feel welcome and that they belong to a group.  I hope you think of this as a place you really like to be, Happy training.